DIOSNA kneader

Are you looking for a good DIOSNA kneading machine? You will find the best DIOSNA kneaders at Technische Bureau Benier, a specialist shop for bakery machines. DIOSNA has been around since 1885 and has since grown into a renowned manufacturer of bakery machines. DIOSNA is constantly innovating in the field of international bakery machines and guarantees the best quality for the best price. We at Technical Bureau Benier are proud partner of DIOSNA. Thanks to our partnership, it is also possible to deliver custom-made machines. Contact us for the possibilities.

Features DIOSNA kneader

One of the best-selling products in our range is the DIOSNA kneader. That is not surprising: after all, DIOSNA products are known for their optimum quality and meet the strictest international quality and safety standards. In the field of mixing and kneading all kinds of dough, this kneader is the best choice. Through innovation, DIOSNA has made it possible to knead large amounts of dough in a short time. The closed tub lid ensures that hygiene standards can be properly observed. The machine is also very easy to maintain. At Technical Bureau Benier you will find DIOSNA kneaders for different quantities and types of dough, so that there is always a suitable kneader for your work in our range.


You can contact Technical Bureau Benier for everything in the field of machines and equipment for the bakery, chocolaterie or sugar factory. We have therefore grown into one of the most important suppliers in the confectionery, chocolate and confectionery industry. For a no-obligation quote or expert advice, you can visit us. Of course you can also contact us by e-mail or by calling +31-(0)165-537454.

DIOSNA kneder

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